Logan : Business model

Appguys.com operates with a tiny team comprising only three individuals: Logan, a salesperson, and Oke from Nigeria, who works as a project manager for a meager $500 monthly salary. The remaining engineers, around 5 to 8 in number, hail from Pakistan.

While Logan Fields charges clients $150 per hour for engineering work, he pays his team a fraction of that, ranging from $5 to $15 per hour. Essentially, a project valued at $100k can be completed for as little as $20k by outsourcing to Asian engineers.

…or something like this:

Here are some direct inquiries for Logan Fields:

  • How many engineers are based in the USA? Having a local team justifies higher costs.
  • Provide transparent breakdowns of charges. For instance, if design fees are claimed to be $50k, what justifies the $400 actual cost?
  • Why does the CTO have a dubious profile? Investigate for yourself.

Appguys.com primarily attracts clients from TikTok and Instagram, targeting individuals like Logan who may lack in-depth knowledge of development processes.
Why expose these practices? Because Logan is exploiting both clients and employees.
For genuine development services, educate yourself and explore reputable platforms where you can find trustworthy agencies at fair prices.”
If you have further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to ask!